Trail Head GPS Points

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These coordinates have been extracted from Google Earth and as such, may not be a precise as you would like. I have seen image matching errors on the order of 75 ft and have noticed simular shift of terain as new images are loaded.
Trail Name  location Name  Latitude,Longitude  Open Location Code  
Great Lakes Seaway Trail, PA  PA 955 (Miles from Bicentennial 4.3)  42.153498,-80.022695  86JX5X3G+9W 
  Trooupe Rd (Miles from Bicentennial 7.3)  42.178619,-79.977094  87J252HF+C5 
Great Lakes Seaway Trail, NY  Ripley (Miles from Bicentennial 20.7)  42.270382,-79.750594  87J276CX+5Q 
Chautauqua Rails to Trails  Brocton School (Miles from Bicentennial 40)  42.380471,-79.451999  87J29GJX+67 
  Plank (Miles from Bicentennial 49.6)  42.294733,-79.497439  87J27GV3+W3 
  North of lake (Miles from Bicentennial 52.1)  42.262341,-79.494183  87J27G64+V9 
  Mayville (Miles from Bicentennial 53.3)  42.246204,-79.494801  87J26GW3+VV 
  Park St - east of Sherman (Miles from Bicentennial 63.4)  42.162871,-79.585078  87J25C77+4X 
Corry Junction Greenway Trail  Corry - Hereford Rd (Corry NB 1.2)  41.955774,-79.639511  87H2X946+75 
  Corry - Plastics Rd (Corry NB 0.4)  41.943696,-79.641396  87H2W9V5+F9 
  Corry SR426 (Corry NB 0)  41.937887,-79.64202  87H2W9Q5+35 
  Corry - Gates St (Corry SB -1.5)  41.917826,-79.6541  87H2W89W+49 
East Branch Trail  East Branch SR89 North Trailhead (East Branch MP 1.4)  41.841919,-79.701052  87H2R7RX+QH 
  Spartinsburg (East Branch MP 0)  41.824362,-79.686169  87H2R8F7+PG 
  East Branch SR89 South Trailhead (East Branch MP -1.6)  41.802735,-79.696786  87H2R833+77 
Oil Creek State Park Trail  Jersey Bridge (Oil Creek SP 10.1)  41.615678,-79.658598  87H2J88R+6H 
  Petroleum Center (Oil Creek SP 0)  41.516143,-79.682354  87H2G889+C7 
  Rynd Farm, Coal Oil Johnny House  41.483188,-79.691917  87H2F8M5+76 
McClintock Trail  McClintock number One historic site (McClintock 135.2)  41.45982,-79.691571  87H2F865+29 
  Oil Creek Memorial Landing (McClintock 133.8)  41.444351,-79.701619  87H2C7VX+PC 
Oil City Trail  Fish Commision Boat Launch (Oil City 130.5)  41.425549,-79.723436  87H2C7GG+6J 
  Oil City Waste Water Plant (Oil City 130)  41.409182,-79.731074  87H2C759+C9 
Samuel Justus Recreational Trail  Franklin Salt Box (Samuel Justis MP 123.6)  41.387208,-79.817585  87H295PM+R2 
Allegheny River Trail  Belmar Parking (Allegheny MP 118.3)  41.333147,-79.774593  87H286MG+75 
  Deep Hollow (Allegheny MP 121.8)  41.373304,-79.80106  87H295FX+9J 
  Brandon (Allegheny MP 112.8)  41.315599,-79.852699  87H2848X+62 
  Rockland Station (Allegheny MP 108.6)  41.23185,-79.752298  87H266JX+Q3 
  Emlenton Parking Lot (Allegheny MP 96)  41.178566,-79.716069  87H257HM+9M 
Allegheny River Trail in Clarion Country  Foxburg - southern end (Allegheny MP 91.9)  41.139451,-79.678094  87H248QC+QM 
  Parker (Allegheny MP 89.9)  41.101728,-79.677632  87H2482C+MW 
Armstrong Trail  Catfish Run (Armstrong MP 71.6)  41.00614,-79.587333  87H22C47+H7 
  Redbank Parking (Armstrong MP 63.4)  40.981069,-79.549194  87G2XFJ2+FG 
  Rimer (Armstrong MP 59.5)  40.936497,-79.527178  87G2WFPF+J4 
  Templeton (Armstrong MP 53.8)  40.919581,-79.463013  87G2WG9P+RP 
  Lock and Dam 8 (Armstrong MP 51.8)  40.89435,-79.475827  87G2VGVF+PM 
  Canfield (Armstrong MP 47.4)  40.851039,-79.507749  87G2VF2V+74 
  Kittanning (Armstrong MP 44)  40.808511,-79.514536  87G2RF5P+94 
  Ford City (Armstrong MP 40.2)  40.761809,-79.54083  87G2QF65+GH 
  Crooked Creek (Armstrong MP 39.1)  40.749086,-79.554137  87G2PCXW+MC 
Wynn and Clara Tredway Riverfront Park  Under east end Freeport Bridge (Tredway MP 3.6)  40.666755,-79.691029  87G2M885+PH 
Erie Pittsburgh Trail in Allegheny County  Tarentum - East End (Miles to Pittsburgh 23.2)  40.602369,-79.743468  87G2J724+WJ 
  Tarentum Park - West (Miles to Pittsburgh 22.6)  40.599733,-79.753113  87G2H6XW+VQ 
  East Deer Recreation Parking  40.581665,-79.776966  87G2H6JF+M6 
  Creighton - Fourth St (Miles to Pittsburgh 20.2)  40.579887,-79.77873  87G2H6HC+XG 
  Cheswick - west (Future) (Miles to Pittsburgh 15.3)  40.540569,-79.807486  87G2G5RR+8X 
  Blawnox Section - Northeast End (Miles to Pittsburgh 10.4)  40.498007,-79.854709  87G2F4XW+64 
  Chapel Harbor - east (Miles to Pittsburgh 9.3)  40.488405,-79.865639  87G2F4QM+9P 
  PWSA - east (future) (Miles to Pittsburgh 8)  40.485375,-79.888139  87G2F4P6+4P 
  Aspinwall Park - east (Miles to Pittsburgh 7.2)  40.487631,-79.901555  87G2F3QX+39 
  Aspinwall Park - west (Miles to Pittsburgh 7)  40.488902,-79.904629  87G2F3QW+H4 
  Sharpsburg West (future( (Miles to Pittsburgh 5.1)  40.492728,-79.938477  87G2F3V6+4H 
Three Rivers Heritage Trail North Shore  Millvale Park (Three Rivers Northside MP 3.4)  40.475292,-79.969087  87G2F2GJ+49 
  North Shore by Washington Landng (Three Rivers Northside MP 2.4)  40.463468,-79.979951  87G2F27C+92 
  River Av North Side (Three Rivers Northside MP 2)  40.460418,-79.982328  87G2F269+53 
  The Point in Point Park (Three Rivers Northside MP 0)  40.441888,-80.013246  86GXCXRP+QP 

OLC (Open Location Codes) (aka Plus Codes) are a way of encoding location into a form that is easier to use than providing coordinates in the usual form of latitude and longitude. They are designed to be used like street addresses, and may be especially useful in places where there is no formal system to identify buildings, such a street names, number, and post codes.[4]
Since August 2015, Google Maps supports plus codes in the address box.
The Open Location Code website provides an overview. The document “An Evaluation of Location Encoding Systems” provides a rationale.