Trail Head GPS Points

These coordinates have been extracted from Google Earth and as such, may not be a precise as you would like. I have seen image matching errors on the order of 75 ft and have noticed simular shift of terain as new images are loaded.
Download a trail head file for your gps as : .csv, .garmin_poi, .gpx, .kml, .txt, or to get your gps device file, download one of the previous as an input into the GPSBabel program.
Although only the trailheads on the Erie to Pittsburgh trail are listed below, the gps files will have about 200 points coverng Pittsburgh and the trails north and nothwest of Pittsburgh.

Trail Trail Head longitud, latitude
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Presque Isle State Park Bikepath [ map ]Presque Isle Entrance42.1137299, -80.15437186JX4R7W+F7
Bayfront Bikeway [ map ]Frontier Park42.1186657, -80.117998486JX4V9J+FR
Lawrance Pier42.1276772, -80.107915186JX4VHR+3R
Behrend College42.1212075, -79.983732387J242C8+FG
Corry Junction Greenway Trail [ map ]Hereford Road41.9556845, -79.639566187H2X946+75
East Branch Trail [ map ]Spartinsburg41.824296, -79.686248887H2R8F7+PG
Route 89S41.8031948, -79.696820587H2R833+77
Oil Creek State Park Trail [ map ]Oil Creek State Park41.6155429, -79.65860487H2J88R+6H
Drake Well Museum41.6117309, -79.656576787H2J86V+M9
Petroleum Center41.5160323, -79.681857187H2G889+C7
McClintock Trail [ map ]Rynd Farm, Coal Oil Johnny House41.4831879, -79.691916787H2F8M5+76
McClintock #1 historic site41.4600359, -79.691537787H2F865+29
Oil City Trail [ map ]Oil City Boat Launch41.4255489, -79.723435587H2C7GG+6J
Oil City Sewer Plant41.4085079, -79.731501987H2C759+C9
Samuel Justus Recreational Trail [ map ]Franklin41.387053, -79.817429887H295PM+R2
Allegheny River Trail [ map ]Deep Hollow41.3734008, -79.800929187H295FX+9J
Belmar41.3331786, -79.774424887H286MG+76
Brandon41.3155893, -79.852487987H2848X+62
Rockland Station41.2318879, -79.752289787H266JX+Q3
Emlenton41.1784346, -79.715817687H257HM+9M
Foxboro41.1394945, -79.678271387H248QC+QM
Armstrong Trail [ map ]East Brady40.9786311, -79.618771287G2X9HJ+CF
Phillipston40.9720619, -79.591617387G2XCG6+26
Redbank40.9812253, -79.548691587G2XFJ2+FG
McClintock Trail [ map ]Oil Creek Memorial Landing41.4443507, -79.70149287H2C7VX+PC
Armstrong Trail [ map ]Jim Knapp41.0835541, -79.669530287H238MJ+C5
West Monterey41.0486741, -79.661437187H228XQ+FC
Upper Hillvile41.0372855, -79.611158387H229PQ+WG
Sarah Furnance41.0078239, -79.597382787H22C53+42
Catfish Run41.0064853, -79.586795587H22C47+H7
Tunnel40.9909044, -79.577424487G2XCRF+PW
Rimer40.9365181, -79.527173787G2WFPF+J4
Templeton40.9195309, -79.463218787G2WG9P+RP
Lock and Dam 840.8943504, -79.475826887G2VGVF+PM
Mosgrove40.8703712, -79.478084487G2VGCC+4Q
Canfield40.8507006, -79.507188687G2VF2V+74
Kittanning40.8083865, -79.514666987G2RF5P+94
Ford City40.7613026, -79.541030387G2QF65+GH
Crooked Creek40.749224, -79.55397687G2PCXW+MC
Three Rivers Heritage Trail - Erie to Pittsburgh [ map ]Millvale Park40.4752922, -79.969086987G2F2GJ+49
River Av North Side40.460558, -79.9824787G2F269+62
Fort Pitt Museumn40.43981, -80.007532487G2C2M6+MJ

OLC (Open Location Codes) (aka Plus Codes) are a way of encoding location into a form that is easier to use than providing coordinates in the usual form of latitude and longitude. They are designed to be used like street addresses, and may be especially useful in places where there is no formal system to identify buildings, such a street names, number, and post codes.[4]
Since August 2015, Google Maps supports plus codes in the address box.
The Open Location Code website provides an overview. The document “An Evaluation of Location Encoding Systems” provides a rationale.