Trails along the Spine

These are the trails that form the spine of the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail. There are trails that cross or connect to this spine.

Trail Miles
Off Road
On road
Presque Isle State Park
Presque Isle State Park Trail5.75.7000
Erie, PA
Great Lakes Seaway Trail1.81.80
Erie, PA waterfront
Bayfront Parkway Multi-Use Trail3.73.7000
East end of waterfront
Great Lakes Seaway Trail33.633.60
Brockton, NY
Brockton, NY
Chautauqua Rails to Trails271.421.14.50
Sherman, NY
Road route NY76-NY47412120
Clymer, NY
Corry Junction Greenway5.83.400.12.3
Corry, PA
gap (approx)10----10--
Spartansburg, PA
East Branch Trail173.10013.9
Centerville, PA
gap (approx)14-- --14--
Titusville, PA
Queen City Trail6.81.4005.4
Drake Well Rd, PA
Oil Creek State Park11.79.7200
Petroleum Centre, PA
McClintock Trail3.51.701.80
Rouseville, PA
Oil City Trail31020
Oil City, PA
Samuel Justus97020
Franklin, PA
Allegheny River Trail34.129.1023
Parkers Landing, PA
gap (approx)18------18
East Brady, PA
Armstrong Trail49434.51.510.5
Rosston, PA
gap (approx depending on route)40------40
Freeport, PA
Three Rivers Heritage Trail38.54.50034
Pittsburgh, PA
Trail Miles347.2114.727.688.3116.6
Gap Miles (apprx)82.566 percent open 
Total Miles (approx)264.7 

4 thoughts on “Trails along the Spine

  1. In the opening sentence, suggest substitute spine for mainline, especially since there’s a major trail in southern Pennsylvania called the Manline Trail.
    >> Done
    In the opening sentence, why is Erie to PIttsburgh in itialics?
    >> un italiced

    In the chart, suggest retitle FINISHED to be FINISHED; OPEN or OFF-ROAD; OPEN; also retitle ON-ROAD to be ON-ROAD; OPEN.
    >> Done

    Please recheck mileage in Pa. for Great Lakes Seaway Trail; 1.8 miles of on-road seems short to me.

    Look at the ‘3-mile gap’ between OCSP and McClintock; it’s actually existing open, on-road; 3 miles.
    >> Done

    McClintock’s fully open, including 2 miles finished and 1.8 miles on-road.
    >> Done

    Please insert between McClintock Trail and the Samuel Justus Trail, the Oil City Trail, which is 3 miles finished, of which 2 miles on-road and 1-mile off-road.
    >> Done

  2. Titusville Queen City Trail currently begins at Jersey Bridge trailhead (OCSP trail) & goes to South Martin Street in Titusville.

  3. The gap between Oil Creek State Park and McClintock is currently a share the road segment, although it is definitely not for all levels of trial users, do we want o show it as a share-the-road, it is signed as such.

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