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Presque Isle -Tour a gavel peninsula that juts out into Lake Erie
Erie Bayfront -Tour the marina area of the city of Erie, including the historic ship Niagara
Great Lakes Seaway -Tour a forgotten highway and see seaside cottages riding the shoulder of the scenic highway
Chautauqua Rails to Trails -Tour an abandoned rail corridor and back roads through south western New York
Corry Junction -Cross the New York – Pennsylvania border on this remote rail trail
East Branch -Tour the only rail trail in Pennsylvania with a side path for Amish buggies and horses.
Queen City -Tour the historic town of Titusville
Oil Creek State Park -Tour oil history along the trail and visit a steam engine pumping oil
McClintock Trail -The challenge of finding a route was solved by building rail-with-trail. This solved two problems – trail connectivity, and railroad trespassing.
Oil City Trail -Tour the streets of historic Oil city as you connect from the Samuel Justus Trail to the Oil Creek Trail
Samuel Justus Trail -See the gates of the stately River Ridge mansion and farm of the late US Senator Joseph P. Sibley who acquired a considerable fortune from the early oil industry
Allegheny River Trail -Tour along the shore of a designated Scenic River and admire the Belmar bridge as it crosses high above the river with the Sandy Creek trail on it.
Armstrong Trail -Tour the variety of western Pennsylvania from RR relics, iron furnace, summer camps, Kittanning, Brady tunnel.
Three Rivers Heritage Trail -Tour the industrial heritage of the Pittsburgh Region

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  1. In the tall map above, please insert Oil City Trail; also, change arrow location for Justus, since the Justus Trail is the segment from Franklin to Oil City.

    Suggest shift the color key so that it’s higher on the page, explaning the red, yellow, and green.

    For the demo, I could not get the Overview Map, Northern Section, or Southern Section to open up; but that may be just because is in demo mode.

    Thank you.

  2. All maps need to be updated. The groups must provide specific information and/or gps points.

  3. I like the maps being printable.

    Could we add a brief explaination of the closed/proposed trail, for example “Closed/Prosed Trail is trail that is not improved, or no trail is on the ground. The alignment depicts the general location of trail, please note the EPTA does not endorse use of the closed/porposed trail.

    The brief descriptions are nice, but once all the descriptions are added I am concerned it will look to crowded. Could the descriptions be placed further away from the map in maybe a frame with a line pointing to the section of trail?

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