Some mapping and mapping tools supplies by
Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI)

Google maps, some trail descriptions, WordPress theme, some scripts, plugins, website design and some other material Copyright (c) 2018 by Shaw-Weil Associates used here under non-exclusive , non-transferable license. FreeWheeling Easy in Western Pennsylvania All rights reserved. You may not copy or distribute this material in any way unless you have written permission from the authors. Yes, this includes photocopies, electronic copies, distribution on electronic networks, electronic storage and retrieval systems, incorporating the material in your own guide or web pages, and whatever other clever ideas you have about circumventing the spirit of the copyright. You are perfectly free to link to the material to help promote trail usage and development, in fact, we encourage it. The data is often updated, so linking will provide your users with the most recent, accurate information. If you’d like to republish the material in a non-commercial guide or do something reasonable, get in touch. We’re pretty easy to get along with.

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  1. I like this very much – I think we should acknowledge others who support or sponsor the EPT.

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