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Erie to Pittsburgh Trail Alliance, 217 Elm St, Oil City, PA 16301

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  1. Can submissions of comments/questions/concerns be sent to several people (maybe executive committee, or other EPTA BODs determined by EPTA) those receiving the correspondences will then forward the comment ot the correct organization or individual, and respond back to the party that submitted the comment/question/concern that their correspondences has been forward to the appropriate organization and or individual?

    Will an actual email address be available (connected to this site) to utilize? My purpose for asking this question is it would be nice to have an email to provide to others as a means of contact for the EPTA. This would especially be helpful to include in written correspondences, for example when issuing letters of support for grant applications being prepared by member trail organizations.

    1. 1) Yes. the comments will be sent to a mailing list of people. The issue is that each person may feel that someone else will deal with it, and no one will process it. My thoughts on this is to also send it to a “task list” and people should check that list to see if anyone has dealt with it.

      2) Yes the domain will have a number of email addresses and we can create as many as we want. Some of them will be mailing lists like Board@, Friends@, Supporters@, BoardExtended@, …

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