Join a Group

All Trail Organizations can use willing volunteers and donations.

By contacting one of the trail organizations in the Erie-to-Pittsburgh Trail Alliance, you can join the effort to build and maintain the trail system or volunteer for work days or be part of the trail patrol.

Make a donation to the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail Alliance.

Ribbon Cutting at Emlenton

PA Greenways Program – Adopt A Trail

You can play an important part in making sure your greenways stay clean and beautiful.  Through the PA CleanWays Adoption Program, individuals and groups can formally adopt a greenway to help keep those areas trash free.

Under of the Pennsylvania Greenways Program, PA CleanWays, a non-profit environmental organization, has been working throughout the state of Pennsylvania to improve our greenways.  Since 2005 PA CleanWays, along with local volunteers, have removed nearly 47 tons of trash and debris, over 700 tires, and more than 13 tons of scrap metal from Pennsylvania’s Greenways.

Organize or take part in a cleanup through PA CleanWays

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