The Erie to Pittsburgh Trail Alliance (EPTA) is an alliance of non-profit organizations, municipalities, and other organizations actively involved in the acquisition, development and maintenance of non-motorized trails and safe, well marked bicycle and pedestrian routes in Western Pennsylvania.

The primary goal of the Alliance is to establish a continuous trail from the Erie Bayfront to Point State Park in downtown Pittsburgh.

Taking advantage of existing trails wherever possible, the route would follow the Seaway Trail from Erie eastward to Brocton, NY, before turning south to connect with the Oil Creek State Park and Allegheny Valley Trails on its way to Pittsburgh.

By linking the Seaway Trail in the north (which already connects to the Erie Canal trail across the state of New York) to the Great Allegheny Passage in the south (which leads all the way to Washington DC) cyclists will be able to enjoy over one thousand miles of nearly continuous trail in an arc from Albany to the nation’s capital. The existence of this through route is likely to stimulate the development of numerous feeder trails to link smaller communities across northwestern Pennsylvania and upstate New York.

The Alliance’s role is to advocate for the continuous trail, assist the partners by sharing expertise and resources, and promote the use of the trail as a system. The purpose of the trail is to improve the quality of life for local residents and to stimulate economic development for communities along the route through recreational tourism.