Erie to Pittsburgh

The planned route of the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail starts at the Perry Monument on Presque Isle, follows roads through Erie into western New York, and works its way south to Oil Creek. It follows Oil Creek to the Allegheny River, then continues along the Allegheny River to downtown Pittsburgh. Trail development has often been challenging, but there is steady progress toward reducing or eliminating the remaining gaps.

The development of this trail system is being encouraged and coordinated by the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail Alliance (EPTA) . It is an active coalition of trail organizations, municipalities and individuals dedicated to the promotion, acquisition, development, and maintenance of a safe non-motorized trails network that connects the “Perry Monument” in Erie to the “Point” in Pittsburgh.EPTA will seek to improve the quality of life for communities along the trail network while stimulating economic development and recreational tourism activities.

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Overview Map
Overview Map

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  2. As a tag line, I prefer “from the Lake to the Point” or “connecting the Lake to the Point”.
    >> Open for discussion by the group. Above my pay grade.

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